eNotes™ - The Lending Infrastructure for Web 3.0

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Our Vision

The future financial system will be on Web 3.0*

FQX will provide the core lending infrastructure

The Problem

A Piece Is Missing for DeFi to Fulfill Its Potential

Traditional Finance
Decentralized Finance
Intermediated & inefficient
Automated & efficient


Legal uncertainty
Legal certainty

Access for institutional investors
No access for institutional investors

Unsecured lending (credit ratings)

Missing infrastructure layer

Automated & efficient
Legal uncertainty
Unsecured lending (ratings)
Access for institutional investors
The Solution

eNotes™ - The Lending Infrastructure Combining the Best of TradFi and DeFi

Legal certaintyeNotes are unconditional payment promises - recognized & enforceable in 169 countries
Institutional investor access (ISIN)eNotes can be booked into portfolios of inst. inv. via ISI
Automated & efficienteNotes leverage automation & decentralization
BorderlessOne standardized instrument - across the globe
Unsecured & secured lendingeNotes can be collateralized - or rated
FQX eNote Engine
Carsten Thoma
Stephan Jaecklin
Michael Fuellemann
Helmut Paulus
Known from
Financial Times
Wall Street Journal
Coin Telegraph
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Use Case 1/2

Crypto Loan

eNotes can map countless liquidity needs, with a few clicks

FQX eNote dAppSecured eNote
Capital need10.0 M USDC
Applicable LawSingapore Law
N° of eNotes1
+ Additional parameters
FQX eNote Engine
Use Case 2/2

Commercial Paper

eNotes can map countless liquidity needs, with a few clicks

FQX eNote dAppSecured eNote
Capital need100 M USDC
Applicable LawDelaware Law
N° of eNotes50
+ Additional parameters
FQX eNote Engine

Issue Global Debt Instruments in Seconds

NegotiateNegotiate wherever you like: define the financing terms.
Financing Platformsclst
FQX Telegram Bot
Telegram bot
FQX eNote UI
enotes UI
SignSign your eNotes by leveraging your 3 existing wallets.
FQX eNote dApp
Secured eNote
RegisterRegister it on the infrastructure of your choice.
Fully decentralized custody with FQX eNote DvP and collateral programs
Fully regulated financial market infrastructures
eNote Infrastructure

The eNote infrastructure

The eNote infrastructure consists of 2 layers: The eNote Engine and the RegTech Engine. Together they enable the legal enforceability of eNotes.

Modular Commercial Terms

Possibility to freely customize liquidity need

Modular Settlement Process

NON DvP, Fiat, FvP, Crypto DvP

Modular Tech Basis

Multiple DLTs & wallets supported

RegTech Engine
FQX eNote Engine
APIs & Connectivity
Modular Legal Basis

Delaware, Singaporean, German, Swiss Law

Compliance by Design

Facilitates regulatory Compliance as a bolt-on service

Questions & Answers

The decentralized debt infrastructure for the future of finance.


eNotes are based on the globally proven, formerly paper-based “promissory notes”. An eNote is an unconditional promise to pay a specific sum to another party at a specific future date. Each eNote is modular, and can be structured to suit any financing purpose.

The eNotes system brings powerful new financing options to corporations and institutions. How? The system centres on a single building block: the innovative eNote.

Each eNote is an electronic version of the traditional paper promissory note. eNotes brings the financing flexibility of this debt instrument bang up to date.

With a promissory note, the issuer promises to pay the bearer a specific sum on a specific date. This note can then be redeemed for payment, sold-on, or used in a variety of financing applications. With the eNote, this versatility is unlocked for modern fintech.

Each eNote is blockchain-authenticated and, thanks to FQX expertise, legally-binding. What’s more, eNotes are built to last. Our use of decentralised architecture (and specifically smart contracts) means that each eNote has a limitless lifespan. Whatever happens to FQX or the original issuing business, the eNote will remain valid.

Our corporate clients already use eNotes to deliver yield on debt. And our institutional users deploy eNotes as exchangeable contracts at the heart of the Central Security Depository (CSD) system.

Modular, flexible and 100% legally-binding, the eNotes architecture bridges the gap between DeFi and TradFi.

• Legally binding

• Blockchain-authenticated

• Modular

• Fully-customisable

• Fully transferable to third-parties

• Low cost compared to existing instruments

Short-term Debt (Crypto Economy): Any corporate issuer can borrow bilaterally from an investor using the modular eNote transaction engine with just a few clicks.

Money Markets: A corporate issuer can issue fractionalised eNotes to multiple investors using a modular eNote transaction engine with just a few clicks. The eNote is recorded on a central security depository (CSD), assigned an ISIN number, and connected to the traditional market infrastructure.

Trade & Supply Chain Financing: A buyer issues an eNote as a payment instrument to its supplier, who can sell the eNote to an investor and monetise their receivables. The investor is paid at maturity directly by the buyer, minimising documentation risk and risks of fraud.

FQX only validates eNotes by whitelisted businesses. The onboarding process is based on a KYB procedure.

• The eNote can be redeemed with the issuer at the due date to secure payment.

• The eNote can be sold-on.

• The eNote can be used as the modular entity in a variety of profitable financing arrangements.

A corporate can either go to the FQX platform, or can access a Channel Partner platform that has integrated our eNote Infrastructure

Press & Media

Finance | Internal | NewsJune 27, 2022
FQX Brings Companies’ Debt Funding to the Blockchain

We want digital debt to be registered, issued, transferred, and eventually traded on our infrastructure. Benedikt Schuppli, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FQX Executive Summary FQX is a Zürich, Switzerland-based fintech…Continue Reading …

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Finance | Internal | NewsMay 19, 2022
Babel Finance used collateralized eNote on FQX’s Solana dApp via Fireblocks

Zurich, May 19, 2022 — Babel Finance, a leading global crypto financial services provider, announced today that it has successfully issued the first collateralized USD Coin (USDC) note via eNotes, a smart contract-based global debt instrument provided by blockchain startup FQX AG, for its Solana environment. The transaction was executed using a Fireblocks custody wallet….Continue Reading …

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